Alexandre Beridze

Alexandre Beridze is a French Georgian artist, founder of an artistic movement “Figurative Mental”.

Alexandre Beridze was born in Saint Petersburg in 1975. Grandson of a Russian artist painter Fedor Kholenkov, and when Alexandre was four, he asked his grandfather to draw planes and tanks for him but his grandfather didn’t want to go back to his memories of a soldier in the World War II, and instead taught his grandson the basics of drawing so he could draw for himself. Ever since, becoming passionate about drawing and painting. In 2000 Alexandre moved to France.

Since 2005 Alexandre Beridze has been conducting regular exhibitions. The most notable was the personal exhibition at the Adler Gallery in Paris in 2011, after which, Bertrand Saint Vincent, the Editor-In-Chief of the famous French newspaper “Le Figaro” wrote an article on the front page on March 8, 2011. The same year – Beridze participated with the Adler Gallery in the Art Paris Fair and was mentioned by the Journal du Net among 10 most promising artists in France.
In 2014, Beridze participated in Florence Biennale, where he was awarded the Sandro Botticelli prize honoring the distinguished contemporary artists. Multiple personal exhibitions followed in Paris, Monaco, Nice and Brussels.

Alexandre Beridze works in the style of Expressive Abstraction. This is why, in 2014 Alexandre Beridze started to incorporate the geometric figures into his work to express his visualization of the world by color fragments and lines, segments of images and the geometry. Scientists link this series of works to our memory.

In 2016, Beridze began the series of work entitled “Reflection” and was noticed by a group of French and Russian scientists, mentalists, neuroscientists and philosophers according to whom Alexandre is the first artist to visualize and draw the thought process.
“What has always seemed to be the property of philosophy alone – the reflection, the attention, the subconscious, the impulse of life – became available to vision thanks to Beridze’s art” – say the scientists. Alexander Beridze is part of his latest series, “Reflection”. Reflection happens non-verbally in our consciousness and abstract art is an extraordinary way to represent this complex process on canvas. The painter visualizes the movement of each thought which, according to scientists, never moves in a straight line but by the spontaneous chaotic flow. The artist draws an analogy between the complex system of structuring information in blocks forming the chain of data-blockchain and the flow of thoughts, images and perceptions that arise in our mind, creating the blockchain of our memory.

Alexandre Beridze expresses his feelings through painting, what others express through writing; it is an immediate impression, rather than concepts and theories. This is why we can qualify him as an impressionist figurative painter, or even a cartographer, of our mind. Beridze’s art inspired the scientists to numerous essays and studies of his work, such as “Figurative mental – the art of Alexandre Beridze”, by French mentalist Jean-Louis Tripon. Alexander Poustovit, Doctor of Philosophy from Kiev, described Beridze’s art in his study, “Alexandre Beridze – Portrait of a thought”. Jean-Louis Tripon and Beridze published a book “Discovering our mental life” – “A la découverte de notre vie mentale”, that was presented in the book salon in Paris in 2018.

In 2021 Alexander received the title of Honored Artist of Europe from the Hanover Academy of Natural History for his services in the field of connection between science and art.
Alexandre is a member of the National Monegasque Committee of the International Association of Plastic Arts with U.N.E.S.C.O. And he’s painting disponible today in Cannes and Paris in one of most famous art gallery in France – Vieceli Gallery

The art critics noted the rich color palette of Alexandre’s work, his ability to experiment with colors, different techniques and graphic images. In 2010, the artist formulated for himself his own art theory – “Lines of color” claiming that everything around us consists of color fragments and lines, which together form one picture. In 2012, Alexandre Beridze started to enrich the Color Lines Series by adding a content in a form of segments in between the lines what he called Intersections. Alexandre recalls his childhood, when he enjoyed looking at the changing view through a window of a moving train. “We are surrounded by the segments of images, a succession of shots forming a whole” says Beridze.

Since 2013 Alexandre’s artworks are sold at Philipps auction in London and New York, the leading auction house for contemporary art.

The Sacred Geometry, often described as the origin of all forms, is Beridze’s important source of inspiration. It is said that every natural pattern of growth or movement comes back to one or more geometric shapes. The molecules of our DNA, the cornea of our eye, snowflakes, flower petals, crystals, a shell, the stars, the galaxy we spiral within, the air we breathe, and all life forms are created out of geometric codes.

             ‘There is a permanent kaleidoscope in front of our eyes, and the beauty exists only in the soul of a person who watches.’

                                                                                           — Alexandre Beridze